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Remove Your Troublemakers Now!

How do I define a troublemaker?

You have an employee who…

  • Won’t do their whole job and the work they do is not at a quality level you want

  • Causes their co-workers to tiptoe around them because they don’t want to deal with them

  • Has an attitude that is not consistent with your core values

These people are poison and they are holding your business back. If you have one--you are thinking of them right now.

Dealing with performance issues is always a challenge. I have had to handle my share during my 25 years as a manager and leader. Truth be told, this used to be one of my greatest weaknesses.

My issue was that I always saw a person where I thought they could be. I was willing to give them time to develop, to grow, to mature. I thought with the right coaching, training and motivation I could turn a C-player into an A-player.

Unfortunately, most of the time I was wrong. All I was usually doing was trying to put an eagle suit on a duck.

In the end, I had to remove the person. But in the process, I wasted precious time and failed to show my team I would not compromise on our business core values and performance expectations.

“But, Thomas,” you say, “This person is crucial to my operation. If I get rid them, I don’t know if the rest of the team can pick up the slack.”

Yeah, I used think that as well. But I will tell you from personal experience and the experience of my clients over the past 7 years--your remaining A-players will . . .

  • Step-up and fill the gap

  • Know that you are serious about living to your core values and performance expectations

  • Be relieved that the cause of their daily stress has been removed

Eliminating your 'troublesome' employees will allow you to

  • Re-organize your team

  • Challenge your people to step up to new roles

  • Bring in a new person with the skills and attitude you want

Just this year, two of my clients dismissed problematic employees, and in both cases, they saw their businesses and lives improve.

Don’t let your business be held hostage by troublemakers. Take action now!

Are you struggling on where to start? Most of us do not like the idea of this sort of confrontation—but we owe it to our business...and our families. Why let someone determine your business' work environment and level of success? These things directly impact your quality of life!

Go to and grab a spot on my calendar. I am sure I can help you figure out if you’ve got a duck or a future eagle on your team in a 20-minute call. (This is a no-fee call.)

Be encouraged. Be strong. Be VERY courageous.

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