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Learn How to Set Up Your Business for an Amazing Year

Join Nikki Nash and Thomas Mele for a 36 minute PodCast on How To Create and Execute a Business Plan.

Nikki is the Hay House author of the popular new release "Market Your Genius".

As creator of the Market Your Genius podcast and the Genius Profit Lab, she equips entrepreneurs and authors with the tools and resources needed to build and profit from their expertise.

If you’re ready to create a consistent flow of quality leads - here are 3 amazing opportunities Nikki has made available to you:

🎙 Listen to the latest episode of the Market Your Genius Podcast at

📚 Get a free copy of Nikki's Market Your Genius Audiobook for a comprehensive roadmap for generating leads, getting dream customers, and creating a community of raving fans. >>>

▶️ Join Nikki's free masterclass. >>>

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