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'Hope' is not a Revenue Plan for Growth

New revenue growth in your business – do you know exactly where it’s going to come from?

No doubt as a business owner or leader you have thought about this question as I have.

Well, it is one thing to think about it, but a completely different thing to do something to make it happen.

As part of my Business Growth Execution System, I take my clients through the process of planning their revenue growth strategy on an annual basis.

We map out the specific customers and offerings they will need to meet their growth objectives. We do this by identifying the 3-year revenue potential available to their company in the four areas represented in this chart.

We take time to discuss and document the opportunities that exist for each combination customers and offerings.

What does that look like? Look at the lower right box; here we discuss the options you have or can create to sell NEW offerings to your CURRENT customers or those just like them. You have your customers, they love your current products and services, so what new offerings can you sell to them. These opportunities could be completely new products or upgrade enhancements to your existing product lines. We write down all the ideas, estimate the amount revenue that could be generated in the next three years, then prioritize them by a criteria that makes sense to you.

At this point in my monthly posts, I usually recommend the best business book or tool I’ve found to help you and my clients with this process . . . but a colleague recently suggested I share one of my own publications. This revenue growth planning process has been such a powerful and clarifying tool for my clients that I have developed a standalone, online course to help business owners develop and document their revenue growth plan in less time than it takes to watch a baseball game.

The program is called Build Your Revenue Growth Plan.

When you complete this program, you will be ready to use:

  • An executable Revenue Growth Plan that is documented and validated

  • Specifically identified customers and offerings you identified to execute your plan

  • Detailed revenue objectives by target market for Year 3 and your ultimate revenue goal

  • An actionable set of "Next Steps” to get you executing to your plan today

Instead of buying a business book that you would have to read and then figure out how to apply its process to your business, I have done that part for you. You use the program’s:

  • Video training delivered via a learning management system to step you through process

  • Virtual coach, to help you by asking critical questions with guided direction on what to do next based on your answers

  • 5 embedded exercises with accompanying, downloadable worksheets to show how to develop and document your plan

By the time you complete the training and exercises you will know exactly what you need to do to get your business on track to reach your revenue objectives; the example elements you see below...will be completed for your business!

Wondering what that spreadsheet in the middle is? One of my clients’ favorite done-for-you worksheets. It helps you build a revenue growth projection by documenting specifically what revenue will come from each customer-offering pairing and does all the calculations for youWant to see if this program will work for you? Click Explore Thomas’ Program.

Not sure this program is right for you? Let’s discuss it. Click Book a Call with Thomas.

Do you know someone that could benefit from this program? Forward this post to them; if they reach out to me with a question—I will answer them personally.

Be encouraged. Be strong. Be courageous.


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