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Essential 'How-To' Resource to Improve Your Profitability

When COVID-19 hit, did you find yourself wanting a deeper understanding of your business' true financial performance and strength, but stared at your P&L and Balance Sheet and said, 'Where do I start'?

Today I’m sharing a powerful resource that will remove any mystery behind your business’ financial statements and enable you to make informed decisions to protect your company and unlock it’s true profit potential even in these turbulent times.

“If you don’t know your numbers you don’t know your business.”

– Marcus Lemonis, The Profit, CNBC

But what numbers really matter?

If the current business shutdowns have taught business owners anything, it is that they need have a stronger grip on their business’ financials and understand how to use them to make good decisions.

In a 3-hour read, Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!, by Greg Crabtree, he teaches everyday small business people, who come from non-finance/accounting backgrounds, what they need to know about the numbers in their business to make better decisions and improve their bottom line. Greg uses straight-forward language and many examples to make what once were seemingly complicated topics to most business owners very clear. And the key concepts are summarized at the end of each chapter, so you have an extra-quick reference tool.

Every client I’ve ever had read this book has told me they wished they’d read it years ago. Why? Because they finally understand which numbers matter the most and how to use them to make better decisions. You will love it too.

Hate to read? You can watch Greg talk about his philosophy on how to lead your business to increased profitability by following your numbers, check out this 28-minute YouTube video: Watch Greg Crabtree.

BTW: I am not affiliated with Greg and his products; I share them because they've worked for my clients.

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