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Do you have an INVESTMENT or a JOB?

Do you have an investment or a job? Each of us as business owners need to continually ask ourselves this question.

Yes, we started our businesses with hopes and dreams of the lifestyle our venture would provide us; that vision is usually some combination of money, time freedom and the ability to work in a field we love.

But is your business delivering on that promise?

Are you building an asset that is on track to deliver long term wealth?

Or have you just created a job for yourself?

Ultimately, it comes down to money.

Are you receiving a good return on your investment in your business?

In August 2020, I did a blog post entitled Essential ‘How-To’ Resources to Improve Your Profitability. In that post, I introduced a book by Greg Crabtree entitled Simple Numbers – Straight Talk, Big Profits!. For years Greg’s book has been highly recommended reading for all my clients.

Upon reading it, most clients will say, “I wish I’d read this book 20 years ago.

Yet, as powerful a book as it is, it does not give a clear way to answer the question posed in this blog post.

Are you receiving a good return on your investment?

Fortunately, Greg Crabtree has come through with another book that addresses exactly this topic, his new book is entitled, Simple Numbers 2.0 – Rules For Smart Scaling.

In his new book, Greg gives every business owner a roadmap on how to put their business to work for them. He shows you how to dive deep into the data you already have in your business and identify and unlock the hidden opportunities to maximize your return on investment.

The four most powerful topics you will learn about—How to:

  • Think like an investor and value your business as an investment

  • Apply labor efficiency ratio as a management tool

  • Use segment analysis to scale profitability

  • Decide when to keep your business and when to sell

Whether you Make Stuff, Sell Stuff or Do Stuff, Greg’s approach to explaining his methodologies is built around easy to follow examples and uses terms everyone can relate to.

I have countless examples of clients that I have worked through this very issue with—turning a business that was a JOB, into a high returning investment. A powerful example is Natalie Swanson, broker / owner at Swanson Real Estate Team, you can read her story by clicking, read Natalie’s Success Story.

I’ll bet that in a 20-minute conversation, together we can determine the first steps you need to take to receive maximum return on your business investment. Let’s discuss it. Click Book a Call with Thomas. (There is no fee for this call.)

Do you know someone that could benefit from this information? Forward this post to them; if they reach out to me with a question—I will answer them personally.

Be encouraged. Be strong. Be courageous.

BTW: I am not affiliated with Greg Crabtree and his products and services. I share this resource because I’ve used them with my clients, and they work.

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