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Darrell Jobe  | Founder/CEO

Vericool Inc

"Thomas was a tremendous help and instrumental to our growth."

Sean Collins  | Owner/President

Fault Line Plumbing, Inc

"We have been working with Thomas for (2) years. He has been a strong business mentor, and has been key in developing objective standards for our business. His insight has been extremely valuable, and has helped us create profitability, savings, and better stewardship over our finances.

If you're at a place where your business might seem stagnant, out of control, or you are ready to take the next step, Thomas is a good solution to help clear some of the hurdles that may seem too large right now.

We plan on continuing this relationship for years to come, and have high expectations of greater things happening in our business both in the near and distant future."

Ron Holthuysen  | CEO

Scientific Art Studio 

"When we first got started, Thomas shared with me a list of 100 business books and articles and asked me which, if any, I had read—I said none. He did not blink an eye and jumped straight into working with me to fill my knowledge gap and provided the practical tools and guidance I needed. After three months of weekly meetings and assignments, I am making major systematic changes in my business. And this is only the beginning."

Suzanne Arnott  | VP, Marketing Core & Digital Gift
Blackhawk Network 

"I hired Thomas to facilitate a DiSC workshop for our entire 40-person Marketing team. Being personally a big fan of the DiSC behavioral model, it was important to me to bring in a professional that could educate the team on the power of the model and train them to use it, while meeting our time and cost constraints. Thomas took the time to thoroughly understand my objectives for the workshop and the subtle sensitivities within our team environment, then he designed and delivered a high quality, professional, engaging program that has impacted the team in a powerful, positive way. I was very pleased with the result."

Kirsten Barranti  | Attorney at Law
Barranti Law Group, P.C.

"When I joined the Business Development Group, I needed a strategy to a grow my law practice. With Thomas’ assistance and encouragement, I created a vision and path for the law practice I wanted. He helped me to develop a strategy to achieve my goals and provided a pragmatic way to reach those milestones."

Deanna Ortuno | Owner

Hairlights Salon

"Thomas came to the rescue. He dug deep into my business to identify the things I would need to change to get my business producing the profit it can. Thomas is a very patient man, especially when I could not always meet my weekly goals. He is always positive and has been very helpful working with my staff and getting them to see my vision. Just when I thought I wanted to give up, Thomas gave me back my motivation!"  

Dr. Nadia Flynn | Owner

Flynn's Chiropractic Sport and Spine

"There were two things I needed help with when I made the decision to transform my practice’s operating model: accountability and clarity. Thomas provided me with the tools, discipline, and accountability I needed to sort through the many options to arrive at a strategy and operating model that fully takes advantage of my training, is compatible with my patient care philosophy and will meet my lifestyle objectives. I have never been more excited about my practice’s future."

Network Partners

Brian Anderson | Wealth Creation and Preservation Advisor David White & Associates​

"When a client mentions to me that they want to grow their revenue and generate more income from their business, but need some help breaking out of their current operational rut, I send them to Thomas. He works with them to identify and then eliminate the constraints that are keeping their business from reaching its full growth potential. To a person they have been delighted with the results."

Bobby Ramirez | Manager

First Republic Bank​

"Thomas is above all else a man of great faith, integrity and character! Any time I have a client looking to increase their bottom line or improve their efficiency, Thomas is always top of mind. He truly cares about providing value that his clients can not only see through results but they can feel through his passion and care for what he does for them. If you are in need of someone who will provide the truth along with the willingness to partner with you or your clients to seek a solution, then Thomas should definitely be on your speed dial. Thomas, keep up the great work and thank you for all you do!"

Mark Lojacono | CEO

Unlimited Business Loans​

"As the CEO/Founder of Unlimited Business Loans I have found it extremely rewarding to recommend Thomas Mele and his Organization to my Clients. His ability to understand and articulate solutions to all levels of management is second to none. Thomas consistently delivers right on time and right on budget and his attention to detail and vast network of service providers has become an incredible resource for both my Company and the Clients I recommend to Thomas."

Thomas encourages you to review

the recommendations from his colleagues over the past 25 years recorded on LinkedIn.  



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