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Mele Group is a business development consultancy founded in 2014, with the sole purpose of helping business owners reach their full potential and achieve remarkable business results.  Founder and principal, Thomas Mele, brings his 25 years of executive-level experience in one of the most demanding and competitive industries to your company as your Breakthrough Growth Officer.


We partner with you to take a very systematic approach to identifying the constraints that are holding your business back from experiencing breakthrough growth and reaching its full potential.   Once the constraints are known and prioritized, we work with you to eliminate them by bringing to you all the solutions you need and helping you install them so they become part of your operation. 

What our clients are saying . . .

"When we first got started, Thomas shared with me a list of 100 business books and articles and asked me which, if any, I had read—I said none. He did not blink an eye and jumped straight into working with me to fill my knowledge gap and provided the practical tools and guidance I needed. After three months of weekly meetings and assignments, I am making major systematic changes in my business. And this is only the beginning."

Ron Holthuysen  | CEO

Scientific Art Studio 

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