Every Business Owner's Challenge

Every business owner is dealing with two competing priorities for their time, energy and attention:

Can consume 100%+ of owner's time and energy


Focused On:

  • Cash Flow & Profits

  • Customer Pipeline

  • Improving Margins

  • Engaged Employees


Often relegated to "I'll deal with that someday . . ."


Focused On:

  • Vision & Strategy

  • Adapting to Change

  • Planning & Preparation

  • Training & Development


To achieve sustainable breakthrough growth, every owner must learn how to work on both of these priorities simultaniously in a balanced way so they produce the cash they need now and ultimately build an business that can thrive without them tomorrow.

Our Approach

We partner with you to take a systematic approach to achieve your breakthrough growth.


 Mele Group approaches every business as a system composed of seven interdependent operational categories that all need to function together for your company to reach its full potential.  These categories can be grouped into three domains:

Drivers – Leadership, Strategy and Customer Knowledge you need to drive your business where you want it to go


Value Chain – Information, Team and Processes you use to deliver your product or service


Outcomes – Results you ultimately want your business to produce


What will investing in the development of your capabilities in the seven operational categories give you?  What will your ROI be?  Take a look below at what a focused, systematic, long-term development of your capabilities in each category can produce for you.

We partner with you to find the right balance between your Now and Tomorrow priorities

and work with you to develop the capabilities you need

to generate the income you desire today and have a business that can thrive without you.

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